Amsterdam – The Dam Video

The Dam of Amsterdam is located in the middle of the downtown center. It’s a meeting place where many locals as well as tourists gather.  This wide open space surrounded by old interesting buildings is a good spot to stretch out a little and do some people watching.

Amsterdam – Streets, Canals and Bikes Videos

Amsterdam's Canals and Bikes

The beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands in the summer.  It’s a beautiful place to watch the boats on the canals and the people on bikes go by.

Burning Man Burns in the Desert North of Reno Nevada

In the desert north of Reno Nevada there is a festival called Burning Man. This takes place over the labor day weekend every year and it’s quite a festival to behold. Our last trip here was back in 2003 and we have been really wanting to visit again. It was a great time and definitely worth the time and money to take part in this unique art festival.