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Chef Pablo and I Share Lunch

The exquisite and unforgettable Chef Pablo and I shared lunch under the ebb and tide decorative influences of La Galerna: White Wine: Rias Baixas refreshing Terras Gaudas 2010 Ceviche of Crevettes Steak Tartar served with Cassava Chips The grilled Red Tuna (to perfection) The Ray Fish & French Violet Potatoes 1st Dessert: Macademia in all […]

Face to Face with Chef Pablo

Mar: Tell us about your culinary philosophy? Chef Pablo: As a restaurateur and working Chef, a place where my wife Ana and I want to go. Dynamic. Traditional Spanish combining evolutionary market, however, our signature favorites with international touches. For example: Ceviche which is Peruvian however, with Galician crevettes (carabineros) and Steak Tartar served with Cassava chips […]

La Galerna de Pablo: The Sea of Love

Opening up a 40-seat restaurant is a huge commitment during hard economic times, says, Chef Pablo of Restaurant La Galerna de Pablo, located 75 metres from the well known Quevedo Plaza of Madrid. We make less money than restaurants that turn more tables however, we love coming to work, for this is our second home. Pablo […]

Rubaiyat's Feijoada

RUBAIYAT’s FEIJOADA (CAN BE ENJOYED IN MADRID, RIO DE JANIERO & SAO PAULO) 1 kilo of black turtle beans or pinto beans ( often called Alubias ) or white Cannelli beans ( NOTE: In Northwest Portugal Feijoada is made with white beans, in the Northeast it is made with red kidney beans and each family […]

History of Hotel InterContinental

    Translated By: M. Alexandria Cintrano – CELTA TEFL and published journalist Hotel InterContinental Madrid – An everlasting and growing five star luxury hotel and our privileged proposal regarding the 21st millennium. HISTORICAL FACTS The Hotel InterContinental Madrid is profoundly steeped in history. In the 18th century, the property was purchased by Marqués de […]

Monastic Splendour On The Silver Route

Ancient Architectural Gems Ages before the construction of this majestic monastery, monks were already residing behind the Parish church of San Miguel in what was once called The Santo Domingo Viejo. The community’s relocation to the new monastery took place while Fray Alfonso Maldonado was friar in 1477. Historians have traditionally attributed their sacred miracles […]

Chef Luis Mora’s Autumn Roast Lamb, Wild Mushrooms & Potatoes

Ingredients: Tell your Butcher to prepare 800g – 1 Kilo Milk fed baby lamb de-boned & split open like a book 150 g  Extremaduran Potatoes called Criadillas ( Galician or Peruvian potatoes can substitute ) 150 g  sweet spring onions 100 g  leeks 1 dozen small Boletus mushrooms 5 or more  fresh garlic cloves Thyme […]