Chef Joaquin Invention

Dining Dëco Style with Joaquin Felipe Peira

Chef Joaquin

Chef Joaquin

Located in the luxurious five star, award winning Derby Hotel Urban, Dëco is overseen by one of the country´s most exceptional Chefs, downtown Madrid native Joaquin Felipe Peira.  Pulsing with all the excitement of a modern-day cosmopolitan Madrid, Restaurante Europa Dëco is one of the most talked about centre city restaurant venues. Joaquin Felipe Peira´s penchant and enormous talent for multicultural, 21st century, urban-global-twist cuisine are obvious in his unforgettable inventions and presentations. And… the culinary stars of his fashion plates are the phenomenal raw market materials he has personally selected.

Joaquin & Margaux – Ear to Ear

  • Mar: What are some of your objectives for 2008?
  • Joaquin: Since we opened on February 5th, 2005, my point of view is, the 1st year is about doing, making & producing, (hacer). The 2nd year is positioning your restaurant or business, (positional). Now we are in our 3rd year, the maintaining, (maintainer).
  • Mar: Do you believe the culinary arts are an innate talent or that Chefs can study and practice?
  • Joaquin: One can study, learn the techniques, prepare formally and practice.
  • Mar: How do you define your cuisine and what is your culinary philosophy?
  • Joaquin: New tendency, urban multicultural, like in most capital cities, New York City, Barcelona, Sydney & Madrid.
  • Mar: What are the star ingredients at the moment?
  • Joaquin: Red tuna, Iberian Ham, Natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Corn Bread.
  • Mar: Where are you from and what are the origins of Peira, your maternal surname?
  • Joaquin: I was born in the Centre of Madrid and my mother is from The Pyrenees of Áragon.
  • Mar: What was the first recipe that you elaborated and where?
  • Joaquin: French fried potatoes at home.
  • Mar: From your experience, do you consider that men and women have distinct palate differences when they request their selections at a restaurant?
  • Joaquin: I believe it is individual tastes verses gender.
  • Mar: I have read that when designing your plates, you have been inspired by vanguard architecture?
  • Joaquin: Firstly, it is organization of the ingredients as they all have a function. Pyramids, squares, cubes, straight lines, geometrics, colors, textures and visual balance.
  • Mar: What are your plans for the Spring Season bill of fare?
  • Joaquin: Red tuna, wild mushrooms, fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh salad greens & herbs. Market and the Spring Season.
  • Mar: What are your dream trips?
  • Joaquin: Hong Kong and Paris.
  • Mar: What had been your motives and inspiration to study the culinary arts?
  • Joaquin: Secure formation for employment and continuing formation for growth & enhancement.
  • Mar: Tell us, I heard the Condé Nast Award for best Hotel 2007 was given to Hotel Derby Urban.
  • Joaquin: Yes, the 2007 Condé Nast Award for the best European Hotel.
  • Mar: What are some of the international projects that you have been involved with and which Chefs have you been teaming up with?
  • Joaquin: Firstly, Carme Ruscadella and I were at the Vanguard Japanese International Ecological Trade Fair AICHI EXPO in Tokyo. Additionally, I participated at the Norwegian Sea Products Council Event and at Madrid Fusion 2008 in January, I was on the Dessert Board of judges. My permanent projects also include Club Gourmet´s Corporate Clientel and Chef Paco Roncero and I have been doing numerous promotions for Spain´s olive oil industry and Iberian Ham producers.
  • Mar: How is your understanding of English?
  • Joaquin: Gastronomic vocabulary is good and the necessities which I have learned for travelling and communicating. Would you like to have lunch?
  • Mar: A Lite Lunch! A very lite lunch! At Europa Dëco, you wine and dine like royalty. The unforgettable lunch once again.

Chef’s Specialties

  • White Wine: 2007 Conclasse from Sitios de Bodega D.O. Rueda
  • Fresh Home Baked Corn Bread
  • Hot out of the oven Grapes & Seeds Black Bread
  • Palate Opener Mini canapé Red Tuna with a Manchego Pisto Bed
  • Freshly caught Cockles (berberechos) Al Vapor on a bed of escarole, red oak leaf, radicchio, rucola & sprouts. Served with a Yellow Tomato & Golden Yellow Bell Pepper Gazpacho.
  • Seared Sea Bass with Marine Algaes & Tempura. Quite a Frank Gehry Concoction!
  • Red Wine: D.O. La Rioja Ysios 100% Tempranillo Grape Reserva 2002
  • Kobe filet mignon dotted with sea salt & light drizzle of extra virgin olive oil served with fresh aromatic field greens
  • Dessert Wine: Enrique Mendoza´s Moscatel De La Marina D.O. Alicante
  • Green & Orange Melon Sorbet
  • Joaquin´s Chocolate Sins with one Red Rose
  • Espresso

Contact & Location

Hotel Derby Urban

Carrera San Jerónimo 34

Metro Lines 1,2 & 3: Puerta del Sol or Sevilla
Book a Table: 91. 787. 7770